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Nudged to speed up its services, IDM offers the latest innovation in data transfer over a fiber optics network, enabling both residential and corporate customers to benefit from abundant and high speed internet starting in Hamra.

With these unprecedented speeds, customers can seamlessly perform tasks like telecommuting, video-conferencing, uploading and downloading photos and videos; connect faster to the cloud and more.

By switching from DSL to Fiber, customers will benefit from uninterrupted internet services that are not susceptible to nearby electrical interference and less subject to distance attenuation since they use light signals for data transmission, thus offering the following benefits:

- High Speed - 70 to 300 Mbps
A speed where it can carry several hundred to several thousands of Mbits over a single fiber

- No Data Bottlenecks
Fiber is the fastest available data conduit, the probability that youíll experience slow-downs while using it is the lowest.

- Minimal Latency
For a fiber network, latency is based on the speed of light. Because the internet signal travels faster over fiber optics, the latency is much less than other internet signals.

- Reliability
Fiber optic cable is less susceptible to noise, electromagnetic interference or bad junctions than the copper or coax cables that carry DSL or cable internet. That means itís less likely to be damaged unless the cable is cut through.

- Security
Fiber cable doesnít radiate signals and is almost impossible to tap. Additionally, dedicated business fiber connections typically are not shared with other customers, providing an additional layer of security.

- Distance
Unlike DSL signals, Fiber network doesnít degrade over the distances we are currently operating within, between our routers and your location. The fiber optic signal is carried with light and the signal loss experienced over the operating distances is barely noticeable and very unlikely to affect your connection quality.

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